Bella Red’s Reopening Plan/Guidelines

Hi Friends of Bella Red Salon,

We hope this post finds you safe and healthy!

Governor Inslee and the State of Washington released their Phase 2 Salon & Spa reopening guidelines last week. While we do not have a specific date of reopening yet—when we do, we will begin taking your appointments immediately—we have been working around the clock to fully understand and adhere to these guidelines while putting salon systems into place to keep you safe and as stress free as possible during your first time back.

How will this affect the salon and your upcoming experience? I break it down for you here, beginning with :


  • COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus. Novel means it is a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified.
  • COVID-19 is a new disease to humans. No human had immunity to COVID19 before it recently appeared, making it dangerous.
  • COVID-19 spreads from person to person, mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. Spread is more likely when people are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).
  • COVID-19 is dangerous to people of any age whose immune systems are compromised.
  • COVID-19 can spread from an item to a person if the item has been exposed to COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 can spread even if a person shows no symptoms.


  • Bella Red Salon must adhere to 50% occupancy during Phase 2. It is a total of 14 people, including clients and Bella Red employees.
  • Every employee must be COVID-19 screened at the door before work begins. This means questions and temperature check. If an employee shows signs of COVID-19, they will not be allowed inside Bella Red Salon until they show no signs of sickness for 14 days.
  • Client must do a self-health check before their appointment and sign an online waiver that they are healthy.
  • Client brings their own mask and wears it before entering Bella Red Salon.
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required for every client and every stylist.
  • Bella Red Salon must sanitize station, tools, chair, etc. before and after every client’s appointment.
  • A towel must be placed over a client’s eyes, nose, and mouth while being shampooed.
  • Touchless checkout is recommended. This means no cash exchanged.


  • Bella Red Salon will be training employees on touchless greetings, avoiding hand shaking, hugs, and other non-essential contact.
  • Bella Red Salon will take the temperature of every employee before they enter the salon and start their work day. If an employee shows signs of COVID-19, they will not be allowed inside Bella Red Salon until they show no signs of sickness for 14 days.
  • Bella Red Salon will take your credit card information over the phone when you book your first appointment back, just like clinics and hospitals are doing now. The information is secure in our POS system. It means you will not have to swipe your card or touch a keypad. Fewer touches, fewer chances to get COVID19.
  • Bella Red Salon will ask all clients to wear their masks before entering the salon.
  • Bella Red Salon will open the salon door upon your entry. One less thing for the client to touch.
  • Bella Red Salon has installed a touchless sink and touchless soap dispenser in the bathroom.
  • Bella Red Salon will require every client to wash their hands in the bathroom for 20 seconds (think Happy Birthday song) upon entering the salon.
  • Bella Red Salon will sanitize your station and chair before your arrival.
  • Bella Red Salon will maintain six feet of space between all clients.
  • Bella Red Salon will train all stylists in proper PPE usage.
  • Bella Red Salon will discontinue shampooing during Phase 2 to minimize surface touchpoints. If your service requires a shampooing, a small towel will be placed over your eyes, nose, and mouth per State of Washington health recommendations.
  • Modified finishing/styling during your service will be necessary due to timeliness and ensuring sanitation guidelines are executed.
  • Bella Red Salon will sanitize common area surfaces continuously throughout the day.
  • Bella Red Salon will offer the client touchless checkout, which can include gratuity and product purchase.
  • Bella Red Salon will open the salon door upon your exit. One less thing for the client to touch.


  • The goal is to make this a touchless experience, where you touch very little. This helps protect you as well as employees and other clients.
  • When Governor Inslee announces the beginning date for Phase 2, we will begin booking appointments. If you haven’t already, use our Bella Red Salon Waitlist form and let us know your desired appointment stylist, day, and time. Have your credit card ready when your appointment books. Bella Red Salon will accept your credit card information and place it within our encrypted and secure POS system.
  • Before arriving for your appointment, complete the Bella Red Salon COVID-19 Health Waiver located HERE. Any client reporting and/or experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms will be politely asked to reschedule at a later date.
  • Bella Red Salon is limiting the amount of items you can bring in. Fewer items means less possible exposure to COVID-19. The client should only bring their ID, credit card, phone, and vehicle keys. If worried about other personal items like a purse or coat being left in your vehicle, please leave them at home.
  • Come alone. Arrive five minutes early for your appointment with mask and patience. This is new to us just like it is new to you. Expect appointments to run 15-30 minutes longer as we adjust to a new normal.
  • When outside the salon waiting for your appointment, maintain 6 feet separation from others with mask on.
  • A Bella Red team member will open the salon’s door and greet you. The team member will welcome you, ensure Bella Red Salon received your completed health waiver, and point you to the bathroom for a thorough 20 second hand washing.
  • The client will be greeted by their stylist and directed to their chair to proceed with consult and service.
  • If a shampoo is needed for service, client and stylist will visit shampoo room at appropriate time during the service. Stylist offers client a small and clean towel to place over eyes, nose, and mouth. Client will dispose of towel in labeled towel bin.
  • Client and stylist continue the appointment in the chair, both wearing masks and sanitized capes/gowns per WAC 308-20-110 guidelines.
  • Modified finishing/styling during your service will be necessary due to timeliness and ensuring sanitation guidelines are executed.
  • When appointment is completed, client chooses products if needed and visits front desk where touchless checkout occurs. Visual verification of credit card on file will be required.
  • Bella Red Salon will open door for client and client enjoys the rest of the day with amazing hair!